Von: David M. Sander, Ph.D. [mailto:dmsander@ix.netcom.com]

Gesendet: Samstag, 15. Februar 2003 18:16

An: Mustermann

Betreff: Re: Measles Viruses



>Hi David!


>I am searching for a work about the measles viruses an image of the virus

>and the biochemical analysis.

>Can you help me?


>Yours sincerely





Thanks for contacting me.


All the viral images I know of online are available in the Big

Picture Book of Viruses at my website:




You might try searching for the virus by the disease it causes if you

don't know what viral family it belongs to.  You can also find images

by looking up the name of the virus.


Other information about this virus can be found on my website, All

the Virology on the WWW:




If you find an image online that I don't have in the Big Picture Book

of Viruses, would you let me know?  I'm always looking for new images!


Best Wishes,